Maximus 1st Birthday

I have been wanting to go out shooting at night to show the beauty of various cities in Sonoma County.  This is the 1st in a series called “Lights of the City”.  I am starting in downtown Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa.  I hope you enjoy the night scenes.


Escalante Residence

Last weekend I messed around with our new Canon 5D Mark II.  I had never used the video before, so when I went over to the Escalante’s house for dinner I thought it would fitting to give it a shot.  Below is a quick edit of some of the footage.  David’s 85mm 1.8f lens was great, but made focusing super hard, so pardon the blurriness.  Make sure also to kick the quality up to 740 or 1080.  It is well worth it.


The Night Before the Wedding

What does a photographer do the night before a wedding? I was thinking about all the things I have been preparing both mentally and physically to answer that question in this post, and I came to a rather obvious and humorous answer.  Charging.  I found that throughout my gear packing, formatting, cleaning, and organizing I was always charging.  So there you have it that is what a photographer does the night before a wedding.

All jokes aside tomorrow is the first wedding that Shawna and I will shoot together since we merged our businesses.  We both look forward to the second camera being there, but I am sure we are going to learn a lot about each other and how we shoot.  When it comes to styles and eye for the camera we are very different, which is why we thought combining efforts would make something truly amazing for our clients.  We know tomorrow’s photos and the wedding will turn out great.  We’ll upload a few previews the next couple days while we are editing, which will follow with the official Photoset.  Till then…


Charities Choices?

Last Friday, Shawna and I sat down and had the first of many meetings about the new direction we are taking our photography.  One thing we discussed among the prices, packages, and workflow was giving.  We both felt it was appropriate that with every package that a client chooses a percentage will go directly to some kind of local charity.  We both feel like all business should be giving, because living peacefully with ones finances, whether rich or poor, is never achieved unless one gives.  I was particularly feeling like we should do something like this because of quote I read recently: “Those in positions of power have no increased privilege, only increased responsibility.”

Since we are going to be doing this the next step is finding a solid local charity or service to give back to.  This is were you the reader come in.  We can only do so much research, but you may have a connection or have heard of some organization that is really great or one that just needs some more support.  If you know or can think of anything reply in the comments.  We will take a look at the comments and our research and will let you know which one we decide to go with.



To Sature or Desaturate…

I am getting near the end of Ivy’s and Ryan’s wedding photos and for my own artistic musings I thought it would different to have the guy’s prep images in black and white (desaturated) and the girls prep images to bright, punchy, and colorful (saturated).  That way when the images are seen interchangeably in a slideshow it would be a visual stimulus because of the constant contrast back and forth.  Below are two images.  One of the girl’s prep and one from the guy’s prep as examples.  What do you think? Does it suck or is it great? Would you have noticed in a slideshow the contrast between the images?