I am not one to hide my techniques or tricks when it comes to post-editing.  I used to be like that, but then I thought it was extremely selfish so I changed sometime back.  Plus, with the post-editing software getting better and better I often find myself shooting a shot with a certain post-edit in mind.  I am not talking about color or lighting because I think that should be done as best as possible while taking a shot.  For example, the image below I took knowing that I would be able to remove Shawna from the image.  I love the linear lines and where your eye takes you in the shot, which is why I put the time to remove shawna.  I used Photoshop CS5’s new feature content aware deletion and the classic clone stamp.  After about twenty minutes I was happy with the result.

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  1. by Heidi Jo

    You made your mom disappear! When I was a kid, sometimes I wished I had that power… well, on my mom, not yours.

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