Lola’s 1 year photo shoot

I got the opportunity to shoot Max’s 1 year photos a while back, then I got the call about shooting Lola’s 1 year pictures. Well it took a while to finally get a date that worked for both of us and so when the day finally came, we got a picture perfect day to shoot. The morning was crisp, but beautiful. Lola came and was dressed up and as ready as a 1 year can be for this adventure. The azaleas and rhododendron were in full bloom, perfect for a little princess’s pictures. Whenever I shoot little one’s I know that I need to be ready and shoot as fast as I can, because I want to make sure get the best possible pictures that I can. The morning was successful and I was able to capture Lola, and I think that if she could talk she would say she had fun. What little girl doesn’t love the attention.


Wedding walk-thru for Jenny & Matt

I was so excited to finally see the site for the upcoming wedding for Jenny and Matt. Yesterday I got to meet up with them and view Cornerstone in Sonoma for the first time. What a unique and beautiful place to have a wedding and reception. I have been waiting for almost a year for this wedding. Jenny and Matt are an incredible couple, and I have loved getting to know them and am so thankful that they chose me to capture their special day. All the details are coming together and the anticipation is building.

A couple days ago Joe, Fabes, and I headed up Fountain Grove to snaps some pictures of the clouds. I don’t think any of us took any decent photos of the clouds, but found a disgusting but color mattress that caught my eye.





At my workplace I interact with quite a few designers and architects on a daily basis. It is great to work in an industry were I get to collaborate with all different types of people surrounding a redesign of a clients home, office, or retail location. Today, Shawna and I went to three residential homes in Petaluma, CA that were recently redesigned by Kim George. She is a great designer and after seeing her work in person I could really see her approach in design. All three houses had a completely different feel, matching the rest of the house perfectly, but still leaving some constant elements to label the design as hers. Shawna and I had a great time taking photographs of all the rooms. Below are some of our favorites. Enjoy.

Wandering around with a couple friend in Healdsburg this last Sunday. Stumbled across a great looking alley way with an old, decaying staircase.


Jeremy & Joanna

I had the privilege of taking family portraits of Jeremy & Joanna.  We had a fun afternoon going around beautiful West Sonoma County shooting pictures.   The colors were at there peak and everywhere we looked we had amazing places to shoot.  Thanks so much to Jeremy & Joanna for letting me share in the fun of the day.


Maximus 1st Birthday

I have been wanting to go out shooting at night to show the beauty of various cities in Sonoma County.  This is the 1st in a series called “Lights of the City”.  I am starting in downtown Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa.  I hope you enjoy the night scenes.




Escalante Residence

Last weekend I messed around with our new Canon 5D Mark II.  I had never used the video before, so when I went over to the Escalante’s house for dinner I thought it would fitting to give it a shot.  Below is a quick edit of some of the footage.  David’s 85mm 1.8f lens was great, but made focusing super hard, so pardon the blurriness.  Make sure also to kick the quality up to 740 or 1080.  It is well worth it.



I am not one to hide my techniques or tricks when it comes to post-editing.  I used to be like that, but then I thought it was extremely selfish so I changed sometime back.  Plus, with the post-editing software getting better and better I often find myself shooting a shot with a certain post-edit in mind.  I am not talking about color or lighting because I think that should be done as best as possible while taking a shot.  For example, the image below I took knowing that I would be able to remove Shawna from the image.  I love the linear lines and where your eye takes you in the shot, which is why I put the time to remove shawna.  I used Photoshop CS5’s new feature content aware deletion and the classic clone stamp.  After about twenty minutes I was happy with the result.



Peter. One of my favorite guys I know. Has great hair, good sense of taste, conversation, loves Jesus, and now I know he can dance.  (Some preview of Lisa and Jacob’s wedding to come).